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Istana Gate International Publishing House, founded in 2022 in Iraq, has quickly established itself as a leading open-access academic publisher. With a strong track record in publishing across various fields, including multidisciplinary scientific studies, social sciences, technical research, and medical studies, we bring a wealth of experience to the world of academic publishing.

Our primary mission at "Istana Gate" is to facilitate the widespread dissemination of knowledge. We are unwavering in our commitment to delivering top-notch, expedited services, all while maintaining competitive pricing. We firmly believe that access to high-quality academic content should be both accessible and affordable.

In our pursuit of excellence, we remain dedicated to ensuring the superior quality of every publication that bears the Istana Gate name. We understand the importance of providing the global scientific community with efficient and cost-effective services without compromising on the quality that drives our reputation.

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Country: Republic of Iraq

Establishment Date : 01 January 2022

Licensed: Republic of Iraq- Iraqi Publishers Union

Publication Accreditation: International